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3V 102uA indoor Amorphous Solar Cell

2V 28mA outdoor Amorphous Solar Cell

8V 8mA outdoor Amorphous Solar Cell

3.8V 18mA outdoor Amorphous Solar Cell
Solar modules Embedded solar cell photovoltaic solar panel solar panel

3.5V Thinfilm 
Solar Cell

4V A-Si Solar Cell

0.15A A-Si Solar Panel

4.5V A-Si Solar Cell
Photovoltaic Solar Cell Amorphous Si Solar Cell Solarmodule Thin film solar cell

5.5V 14.2mA Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell

6.2V 14mA Amorphous Solar Cell

3.5V 19μA indoor Dim Light Amorphous Solar Cell

3V 330mA Amorphous Silicon Flexible
Epoxy solar panel amorphous solar cell Mini solar panel PET solar panel

2 Volt 400mA Solar Cell

4.5 Volt 200mA Solar Cell

5.5 Volt 120mA Solar Cell

5 Volt 130mA Solar Cell
Mini PV Panel 5V Solar Panel 6 Volt PV Panel 9V Photovoltaic Module
1V 250mA PET Solar Panel
5V 1W Solar Panel
6V 550mA 3.3W Solar Panel
9V 10W Solar Panel
6V Round Solar Panel 3W Solar Module 2 Watt Solar Panel 7W PV Module
6V 45mA
Round Solar Module
3W 4.5V PV
Solar Module
2W 6V Poly
Solar Module
7W 18V Solar
PV Module
Custom solar modules built-in solar cells 12v photovoltaic panels 24v solar PV panels

5V 260mA Solar Panel

6V 145mA Solar Panel

6V 200mA Solar Panel

9V 112mA Solar Panel
Monocrystalline solar panels  indoor solar cell  18v solar panel Round solar modules

6V 100mA Solar Module

3V 85mA Solar Module

6V 400mA Solar Module

6V 5W Solar Module
Solar Energy modules Thin film solar modules Polycrystalline modules PV modules

18W 12V
Photovoltaic Panel

4W 9V
Photovoltaic Panel

22W 18V
Photovoltaic Panel

30W 12V
Photovoltaic Panel
Solarmodul Matte Solar Panel 20% Efficiency Solar Module Agriculture Solar Panels

Sunpower-cell Solar Panel 1 Watt 5 V 0.2A

0.16W Matte Solar Panel for Agriculture Farms 2V 80mA

Mini 5V 40mA Solar Cells for RFID Control

Matte Solar Panel 1.3W 6.2V
OEM Solar Panels OEM Solar Modules Circular Solar Panels Indoor Solar Panels

15W 18 V Monocrystalline
Solar Panel

10W 18V Monocrystalline
Solar Panel

2.3W 18V OEM
Solar Module

2W 8V 250mA
Solar PV Cell
small solar panel solar photovoltaic modules PV panels Solar Panels Manufacturer
  PET Solar Panel 4.5V 1.8W
  Solar Photovoltaic Module 5V 0.5W
  Solar Module 1V 450mA
  Epoxy solar panel 4.5V 1W
  Customized Solar Panel 5V 2.1W
  Round Solar Panel 5V 3.5W
  Epoxy Solar Panel 5.5V 3.7W
  Small Solar Panel 5V 1W
  Mini Solar Cell 4.5V 80mA
  Monocrystalline Solar Panel 18V 5.5W
  Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V 24W
  Polycrystalline Solar Module 12V 12W
  Polycrystalline Solar Module 12V 29W
  4.1W 18.9V Mono-crystalline Photovoltaic Solar Module
  9V 3W Poly Solar Module
  5.5V 5W Polycrystalline Solar Module
  2mm thick glass solar panel
  Amorphous Solar Cell 4V 9.1uA
  Indoor Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell 4V 26.6uA
  Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel 5.87V 144mA
  3V 11.5μA indoor Amorphous Solar Cell
  4.5V 40mA outdoor Amorphous Solar Cell
  7V 100mA Amorphous Silicon Solar Panel
Custom Solar Panel 2.5 Wp 8V
Solar Panel 1.2 Wp 6V
3.5 Watt Solar Panel 9 Volt
4 Wp Solar Panel 12V
China Solar Module 10 Watt
China Solar Module 10 Watt
China Solar Panel 5 Watt
8 W Monocrystalline Solar Pan...
7 W Monocrystalline solar pan...
2.5 Wp 8V Monocrystalline Sol...
4 Wp 12V Solar Panel, Monocry...
Custom solar panel 2 Wp 6V
Small Solar Panel 1.5 Wp 6V
12 Volt Solar Panel, China so...
9 Volt Solar Panel, China sol...
2.5W glass solar panel, poly
1.5W glass solar panel
10 W Solar Panel, Monocrystal...
5 W Solar Panel, Monocrystall...
9V Custom Solar Panel
6V Small Solar Panel
20 Watt Solar Panel for 12V D...
10 Watt Solar Panel for 12V D...
Circular solar panel 2W 6V
Round solar panel 1W 5V
8V 2.5w solar panel for solar...
5.5V 2.5w solar panel for sol...
4 Watt Mono Solar Panel 12 Vo...
3 Watt Mono Solar Panel 9 Vol...
2.1 W Small Solar Panel
PV Poly Solar Panel 5 Watt
6 Volt Solar Panel, Poly crys...
5V Solar Panel, Monocrystalli...
4.5 Wp Poly Solar Panel
3 Wp Poly Solar Panel
2.5W 8V Mono Solar Panel
3W 9V Solar Panel, high effic...
5W 12V Solar Panel
3W 6V Solar Panel
1.5W glass covered crystallin...
1W glass covered crystalline ...
15 Wp Monocrystalline Silicon...
10 Wp Monocrystalline Silicon...
5 Wp Solar Panel 18V, Mono cr...
3.5 Wp Solar Panel 9V
3 Watt Polycrystalline Solar ...
2.5 Watt Monocrytalline solar...
2.5 Wp Custom solar panel, mo...
1.5 Wp Small Solar Panel, Mon...
15 Watt Poly-crystalline sili...
40w high performance solar pa...
2 Watt monocrystalline solar ...
1.5 Watt Solar Panel, Mono, T...
15 Watts C 36 Cell Polycrysta...
30 Watts Polycrystaline
5 watt solar panel, mono crys...
2 watt solar panel, mono crys...
Solar Panel 2Wp, High-efficie...
Solar panel 20 watt mono crys...
2.5 Wp Multi crystalline sola...
About Us

WSL Solar has been a quality and professional manufacturer of customized solar panel and solution provider in China since 2006.
Our product ranges include:
- Customized small solar panel (0.1W ~ 5W):
PET solar panel / Epoxy solar panel / Tempered glass solar panel
- Monocrystalline solar module & Polycrystalline solar module (0.1W ~ 200W)
- Amorphous silicon thin film solar panel (indoor solar cell and outdoor solar cell)
We grow with our customers by offering superior quality and service worldwide.

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